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How to use the Flood Ducky

How to use the Flood Ducky

The Flood Ducky can be used in 38mm (1½”) or 50mm (2”) conventional bath drains. This is achieved by flipping over the plug to the side that matches the drain size in the bath.

Step 1 - Choose the side to match your bath drain

50mm (2”) Side

38mm (1 ½”) Side

38mm (1 ½”) Side

Step 2 - Insert the plug into the plug hole

Step  3 - Insert the ball stopper into the plug

Step 4 - Fill the bath.


  • Test your Flood Ducky when you first get it to ensure the water level factory setting suits your bath. i.e. Make your bath doesn't overflow at the standard setting of 250mm deep.
  • The Flood Ducky doesn’t turn off your tap! It is simply meant to protect against bath overflow and consequential damage to your home/apartment, or structures below. Leaving your tap running will send water down your drain, wasting water and possibly showing up on your water bill.
  • The Flood Ducky has to overcome hydrostatic pressure in the bath. As such if you change the length of the string between the plug and the duck, the performance will vary. The hydrostatic pressure rises as the bath gets deeper, so it’s harder to pull the plug out of a deeper bath than a shallow one. The Flood Ducky standard string length allows for a bath depth of around 250mm (10 inches). It will work with shorter and longer strings up to a limit. If you change or adjust the string be sure to do some bath fill tests to satisfy yourself that it works at your chosen depth.
  • Flood Ducky looks cute, but it's not designed as a toy. Please don’t let children play with it, as the string-fitting combination could be a hazard to them.
  • The Flood Ducky needs to be free to float unobstructed. Don’t attach other objects to it, or on top, preventing free movement.