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Temporary removal of Flood Ducky and Dremel adapter from ebay

posted 26 Jun 2017, 21:11 by John Robinson   [ updated 26 Jun 2017, 21:15 ]

I've temporarily taken down the Flood Ducky and Dremel adapter from E-bay, as I'm travelling and cannot guarantee supply. If you'd like to get one please contact me using the contact form on the left, and I'll arrange it.
Thanks for your interest and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

You can still buy a 3D printed version of the Dremel Adapter at Shapeways. These are manufactured (printed) by Shapeways and shipped by them as required.

The Flood Ducky

posted 4 Dec 2016, 16:43 by John Robinson   [ updated 4 Dec 2016, 16:45 ]

After having a bit of an unfortunate experience of overflowing the bath, John and Jennifer at HighPaidHobo invented the Flood Ducky.
Yep we managed to flood 3 apartments below ours. The bathroom had a floor drain but it was ineffective as the angles were wrong. We had some unpleasant surprises regarding insurance as well. So we decided rather than let it happen again by changing the bath, lets change the plug - there's already a drain there.

Its now for sale on a "make as required" basis via Ebay. Currently each unit is individually hand made using a resin injection moulding process. However if demand is strong enough we'll get an industrial high volume process in place.

The Brisbane Sports Hats Have Arrived!

posted 3 Oct 2016, 20:12 by John Robinson

The first production run of The Brisbane Sports Hat has now arrived... in Brisbane :)
We will now start to promote the The Brisbane to local distributors to check test market acceptance.

QA Results / Update

posted 27 Jul 2016, 00:29 by John Robinson

The first run of the visor was QA checked 22nd July and looks good. A second run of prototype testing will be required to trial/optimize alternative polymers. This will be done over the next few weeks and once complete final materials will be selected for the production run.

In parallel, a prototype modular attachment for a cloth hat was developed and samples created. These will be performance tested prior to offering the attachment as a hat for the visor.

Getting ready for production

posted 25 Jun 2016, 21:49 by John Robinson

HighPaidHobo is excited to announce that the Brisbane sports visor is going into production. Orders have been placed for the first production run and initial quality assurance inspection will occur late July. Production is expected to commence upon acceptance of the QA check visors.

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