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The Brisbane Sports Hat

Introducing the latest in technical clothing for sports!

The Brisbane unisex Sports Hat by HighPaidHobo.

“The Brisbane” sports hat is for outdoor sports in windy locations. Think running, fishing, sailing, boating, golf, tennis etc etc.

The key to its design is a louvered visor that stops the sun but lets the wind pass straight through.

So it won’t blow off your head when you're skimming over the water to find the next place the fish are biting, during that critical golf shot, or when you’re near to hitting the wall during a marathon.

Its also ultra lightweight at less than 50g.

And you can separate the visor from the cap to wear the visor alone - at a minuscule 24g. We know of no lighter visor. So you won't be disturbed by wind or weight even during the longest most intense sports.

The Brisbane Sports Hat

Don't let wind ruin your game.