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HighPaidHobo - "The Brisbane" Sports Visor

The Brisbane
The best in light weight and low wind drag.
Don't let wind ruin your game!...

About "The Brisbane"

Most visors do a good job at keeping the sun out of your eyes or your hair in check. But that's about it.
HighPaidHobo decided to re-engineer the humble sun visor to another level by making it better for outdoor sports.
The Brisbane is a very lightweight visor and weighs in at approximately 20 grams (0.7 oz). Typical sun visors weigh in at around 4x this much.
This foil design of the visor is to let the wind through, and in strong winds the visor will not blow off, even if you keep a very light strap tension.
These two features mean your head won't be pushed around by your visor during that critical golf swing, or make your neck sore during your marathon training.
Its great for the beach and sailing too! Anywhere you have to cope with wind and sun.

A short tour video:

Prototype of "The Brisbane"