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Dremel Adapter


This adapter enables you to mount a Dremel 225 extension tool onto a Dremel 220 (drill press).

The Dremel power unit vibrates a lot when used as designed in the Dremel press. The 225 has much less out of balance mass when used in the press, and therefore is far superior for uses such as micro mixer tools, or accurate drilling. This adapter allows you to fit the 225 to the 220 press with a minimum of fuss and no modification to the Dremel tools.

It is NOT a Dremel product, it is individually manufactured by HighPaidHobo from polyurethane resin using custom moulds. UPDATE 16 JAN 2018 - I no longer sell the moulded version on Ebay as there was little demand, however you can still get it individually printed by Shapeways.

It allows you to make short translational cuts with a cutting wheel. Or take advantage of the better balance, and lower vibration of the 225 tool compared with the basic Dremel power unit.

Using the Dremel Adapter

For those people who are interested in the manufacturing processes used for the some of the moulds, the video below shows the process of turning a machinable wax block into a resin casting mould.

Making Moulds for the Dremel Adapter

If you're into CNC machining I'm happy to provide the STL models for this item so you can try the project for yourself. Note that the main (threaded) portion of the adapter requires a more complex mould than the parts shown in the video.

The STL files can also be used for 3D printing if you have a access to a printer with a high enough resolution (0.1mm per layer).